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The following is a guest post by Rich Pearson, SErtified Committee.

Every week, I see scores of stories about founders aiming to build the next Facebook or Uber.  And yet, as ambitious and determined as these founders are, very few will make a meaningful impact on the world.  Which seems like a shame.
How can we funnel these ... Read More

The following is a guest post by Will Marks, SErtified Committee.

In 2002, my brother Brad and I were both living in San Francisco, not far from our parents’ home, which is about 30 minutes south of the City. We were working hard to establish our careers but at the same time, as with anyone, we were trying to balance our careers with family and other interests including exercise, various hobbies and certainly philanthropy ... Read More

Excerpts from edited specifically for SErtified

Whether you’re into quantum mechanics or Karma, to truly succeed means you’ve helped others succeed. Below are three short vignettes of what can happen when you help others – these are true stories about things that have happened to me throughout my professional life, and they represent some of my major ... Read More

This blog post is a personal, self-centered story about my history in founding SErtified. Reader beware. Here are the Cliff's Notes:  It is about the joy of being an entrepreneur, a joy that is good for the World, and the lesson I learned about the meaning ... Read More